Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tomato, Spinach & Cashew Dip

I am always on the lookout for healthy food ideas for our family

I recently tried this Tomato, Spinach & Cashew Dip  recipe 

Here's the dip I made

It is delicious. Full of flavour 

Our children love it too!!

It is yummy spread on 
Sun Rice ~ Rice & Grain Squares 'Wild Rice'  
topped with Ham and Salad

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Polishing ~ Copper, Brass and Silver jewellery

Last year, I bought this beautiful Tri-Metal Nested Necklace 

from Jessica Van Den at Epheriell

(I also own a ring and earrings from Jess too)

In recent months, my necklace has tarnished and looks like this. . .

{ Click the images for a closer look }

I was sad it had lost it's lustre

I cleaned it regularly with my silver jewellery cleaning cloth 

however, it didn't bring back the shine

I sent an email to Jess to ask for her advice

One of her suggestions was to use this polish

 I rubbed the paste onto the tri-circular part only (with my fingertips) 

for approx 5mins, then rinsed under a running tap 

and dried on a clean cloth

I used my silver jewellery cleaning cloth to clean the necklace chain

It was such a relief to see my necklace shiny again!! 

I will be using this polish method every 1-2mths
so my necklace doesn't tarnish again

Have a gorgeous weekend!

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Laundry Powder ~ handmade by me

I wanted to make laundry powder. I did some research on Pinterest

There are many recipes to choose from

I found common ingredients listed in most recipes

I wanted to make a large quantity. This recipe makes approx 3.6kg

Here's what I used to make laundry powder ~

6 bars soap

6 cups borax or garden friendly, use 6 cups of bi carb soda (next time I'll use bi carb soda)

6 cups lectric washing soda

Optional, 6 tbsp lavender oil (water soluble) 

Chop soap into smallish chunks

Place in food processor to finely grate the soap

Pour into large mixing bowl (or container to store laundry powder)

Add borax or bi carb soda. Mix well

Add lectric washing soda. Mix again

If you would like a subtle fragrance in your laundry powder 

Add Lavender oil, or Eucalyptus oil, or Tea Tree oil (anti-bacterial) 

~ ~ ~

To use ~ add 2 tablespoons of laundry powder per large load

~ ~ ~

I couldn't find Sunlight soap at the supermarket, so I purchased home brand (no name) soap

Borax is a multi-purpose cleaner, deodoriser, disinfectant, and stain remover. It is a naturally occurring mineral substance however, on the container it states 'caution - keep out of reach of children'

Bi carb soda is a non-toxic (garden friendly) product - deodoriser, and stain remover

Lectric washing soda is a multi-purpose cleaner, and stain remover. It is a natural product (no phosphates or dyes, environmentally friendly) however, on the packaging it states 'warning - keep out of reach of children' 

~ ~ ~

I have been using the laundry powder for 6 weeks. The clothes are clean with no soapy residue. I have used less than 1/2 of the amount I originally made. For our family of 5 doing approx 2 loads of washing (front load washing machine) each day it should last us approx 14 weeks. Great value! 

I added lavender oil when making the laundry powder and forgot to factor it into the costing

Handmade - $12.70 for 3.6kg of laundry powder
Store bought - $21.50 for 4kg of Cold Power brand

A saving of approx $1.80 per kg for handmade 

Enjoy making your own!

My shop ~


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Featured on The Needlecraft Hub blog

This morning there was a nice surprise in my inbox

has been featured on The Needlecraft Hub blog <-- link

for Emergency Valentine's Gifts

{ Thank you Briar }

There are many beautiful gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Wishing you a memorable day with the love of your life tomorrow

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Product

New product to Squeeze Cuddles are pencil case / pouch 

in gorgeous colours and prints

Sports and Vehicles - medium pouch

A Pirate's Life - medium pouch

Each pencil case / pouch has a flat bottom

and can stand on it's own

A layer of wadding to help protect

 your mobile phone or electronic gadgets

Crazy Love - large pouch

Bug Jars - large pouch

Spooky Crew - large pouch

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